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Sunday, April 20, 2014

For Your Easter

I truly hope you and yours are having a blessed day full of laugh, laughter, gratitude and sweet treats.

Until next time I wish all of you happy stitches,

Friday, March 28, 2014

Stitch from Stash-LK Prizes and TWEET times

Salutations dear friends. How has your MARCH been "marching" along? Plenty of drama here in the city but let's leave it in the city and not in blog land.

Let's start off  with  my MARCH results for Stitch From Stash :

Total spent in March on cross stitch was.....drum roll please...... $0.00 . Yes another month of spending nada YET....YET....I did receive some amazing NEW stash. How is this possible you ask...or maybe Well it fits in nicely with my STITCH FOR STASH TIP OF MONTH entry and that being JOIN CONTESTS!!! Yes simple as that. JOIN as many contests for stash you truly would like to have and use.

I did that and this is what I won this month :

YES LIZZIE KATE ran a blog contest of the end of Feb and I submitted a few of my favorite quotes and I won!!! I won all of the above in the photo PLUS I will be sent my winning quote design when it's ready. How excited am I ......oh it was a complete shock and pulling out the extra goodies I was sent was like Christmas morning. THANKS AGAIN TO EVERYONE AT LIZZIE KATE!!!! 

So you see a contest just may bring you a little ray of sunshine stash into your budgeted life. :)

On the stitching front I'm working on one of my 2014 Must Stitch designs and it's Just Nan Cardinal Tweet for the second time. I'm stitching this one for a Christmas gift :

I have a few more designs I'm stitching up but I will share those later this week.

Until next time I wish all of you Happy Stitches,

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Stitch from Stash-Feb and saved by the Seed Beads

Hello everyone. I've been so busy creating that blogging has taken a back seat but this is temporary as a few obligations have been eased and more time has been gifted to me.

Okay for the important stuff  my Feb.STITCHING FROM STASH update:

Spent-$0.00 Yes another month of no spending

I also managed to start 2 new Christmas ornaments which will be gifts and I also started a Birthday gift for my mom. So all in all another GREAT month on the wallet.

I kept bust stitching on Barbara Ana Designs Nature's Beauty all during the Olympics. I hope to have all the stitching completed and start to assemble it this weekend. Fingers Crossed.

While stitching on my mom's birthday gift I needed some green seed beads which I didn't have on hand and thought about placing a wee small order but them I remembered all of my Mill Hill Beaded ornament remnants and sure enough I found over 3 dz beads which worked perfectly. Normally I wouldn't have thought to use those beads but STITCH FROM STASH has been drilled into my brain. lol

How is everyone doing during this long bleak winter? I know I can't wait until Spring and I promised myself to stay out in the warm sun all day everyday!! Of course sunscreen and shade will be a top priority but I will enjoy the warmness. 

Looking forward to catching up on some blog reading.
Until net time I wish all of you Happy Stitches,

Monday, January 27, 2014

Stitch from Stash-Jan.2014 Total

Hello friends. Well here it is already the end of the first month of 2014....where did the time go? Speaking of time ...time to tally up for the STITCH FROM STASH  group I'm participating in and drum roll please my total spent this month is $ 0 dollars. That's right I spent nada and truly stitched from stash. I worked on a few Pinoy Stitch designs which I had either purchased in December or had downloaded for FREE from a link on the designers Facebook page. I also started stitching on Nature's Beauty a Barbara Ana Design which was one of my Advent gifts from my friend Jana. So will I be as disciplined next month....hmmm NO would be my answer as I do need a few DMC colors and maybe just maybe a small Valentine design.

Here is where I plan to craft-room.  I have many a charts, kits and freebies that really do need some attention. My joining Stitch from Stash isn't about saving money...although we could all do with more money...but I have such a feeling of GUILT when I walk into my craft-room and see so many beautiful designs waiting to be stitched. I figure one entire year of tackling some of these designs, I 'll not only have more gifts stitched, more room in the craft-room but by next year I'll be ready for one heck of a great shopping trip. lol

My progress on Pinoy Stitch American Gothic. I'm enjoying stitching these sweet little owls. I can't wait to show you the plans I have for this one.

I'm looking forward to seeing more STITCH FROM STASH updated from the other 129 participants.I'm so thankful to MEL from EPIC STITCHING for the group she organized and helping to give me a good swift kick on the a$$ to get me motivated to be thankful for what I have and to stop the GIMMIES!! LOL
Psttt...I be back to blogging more too. :)

Until next  time I wish you all GOOD STITCHES,

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Hello 2014

     I wish all of you an AWESOME New Year. Go make this year your BEST!!!


Wednesday, December 25, 2013

"Presenting" my gifts of love...

MERRY CHRISTMAS friends. Oh what a wonderful and very stress free day here in the city. The hubby, out youngest daughter and I are home and enjoying every single second of it.  Loads of baking and sweet treats have been enjoyed all day. Christmas movies, music and talking playing in the background as I type this. Here's a quick snap of some of my smaller treats and gifts that I opened this morning. All except the Owl scissors which we're yesterdays Advent exchange gift were awaiting me this morning.

Today is the very last day of Advent Exchange and my partner Jana has outdone herself once again by spoiling me with not one but two designs off my wish list along with the floss needed for each design.

Here are a few pics of some of my favorite ornaments on my 4 ft. Craft-room tree.

I hope all of you are having a truly wonderful day full of LOVE and HAPPINESS.

Until tomorrow I wish all of you Happy Stitches,

Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Hello friends. It's Christmas Eve and what a wonderful day it's been. Shopping for nothing more than what we wanted and not had to get, Skyping with my daughter, good food and lots of laughs.

Today is the 24th day of Advent and my friend Jana gifted me with these OWLMAZING Owl scissors. Ohhh this little fellow will have to have a name since he's destined to become my new best friend.

I hope all of you have a wonderful Christmas and if you believe in Santa I hope he brings you what you wanted.

Until tomorrow I wish you Happy Stitches,